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Jamshedpur Chapter

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch

Bhujbal bhumi bhup binu kinhi, bipul bar maheedevan dinhee.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao



1. Prevent gender biased sex selective elimination
2. Ensure survival & protection of the girl child
3. Ensure education of the girl child

Cause and Our Actions

The trend of decline in the Child Sex Ratio (also known as CSR), defined as number of girls per 1000 of boys between 0-6 years of age, has been unabated since 1961. The decline from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001 and further to 918 in 2011 is alarming. The decline in the CSR is a major indicator of women disempowerment. CSR reflects both, pre-birth discrimination manifested through gender biased sex selection, and post birth discrimination against girls. Social construct discriminating against girls on the one hand, easy availability, affordability and subsequent misuse of diagnostic tools on the other hand, have been critical in increasing Sex Selective Elimination of girls leading to low Child Sex Ratio.

Since coordinated and convergent efforts are needed to ensure survival, protection and empowerment of the girl child, Brahmarshi Vikas Manch has put the prime focus and every effort to work together for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Initiative which is also announced by Indian Government. This is being implemented through awakening Brahmarshi Samaj by our website, seminars and workshops. This is a joint initiative of every Brahmarshi across the globe.

Women Empowerment


Educated women are capable of bringing socio-economic changes. The constitution of almost all democratic countries, including India, guarantees equal rights to both men and women.

Importance of Women education

The importance of women education are briefly summarized below:

Economic development and prosperity: Education will empower women to come forward and contribute towards the development and prosperity of the family, society and ultimately the country. So long as women remain backward and economically dependent on men, the helpless condition of them cannot be changed. Economic empowerment and independence will only come through proper education and employment of women.

Improved life: In todays men dominated society, girls wait for marriage and after marriage they lost their entities. Their rights are trodden down, sometimes situation becomes insulting. If we do not take a broad outlook in the field of female education, the situation will be worse. Educated women are now looked upon with dignity and honor. They become a source of inspiration for millions of young girls who make them their role-models.

Justice: Educated women are more informed of their rights for justice. It would eventually lead to decline in instances of violence and injustice against women such as dowry, forced-prostitution, child-marriage, female foeticide, etc.

Choice to choose a profession of her choice: Educated women can prove be highly successful in the fields of life. A girl-child should get equal opportunity for education, so that, she can plan to become a successful doctors, engineers, nurses, air-hostesses, cook, or choose a profession of her choice.

Women education is a pre-requisite to alleviate poverty. Women need to take equal burden of the massive task of eliminating poverty. This would demand massive contribution from educated women. There cannot be much social and economic changes unless girls and women are given their rights for education.

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch Conclusion and Initiative to Women Empower: Until the middle of nineteenth century, girls and women were educated only for traditional household works. Now, the society is witnessing changes in the role-status of women. There is greater emphasis on education girls and women in the same way as we educate boys and men. The modern day parents want to fulfill the aspiration of their children without gender parity.

The educated women should insist on exercising their civil, social, political and economic rights. This will help improve the overall condition of women in the society. We can hope for better days while all women of our country will be enlightened and educated.

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch has constituated a "Brahmarshi Mahila Manch" wing to work for women and their empowerment. Dr. Anita Sharma is the convenor of this Manch for Jamshedpur district, and we are very glad to say that Dr. Sharma and her entire team is doing such a wonderful work in this field.

Youth Empowerment


The greatest wealth and strength of any community and nation is its youth. The future of a community and nation lies in the hands of its posterity. The quality of its youth determines the kind of future, the community and nation will have. Therefore, if we want to ensure a bright future for our community, we first need to strengthen and empower our youth. The youth of any community or society are its potential energy. They are the powerhouse and storehouse of infinite energy. They are the ones who are the pride of the community and society.

In fact, we owe our present to the youth of the previous generation who forsook their everything, even their lives for the freedom of their motherland. Who can forget the great sacrifices of Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Bismilla Khan, Vijay Singh Pathik, Mangal Pandey etc who surrendered their everything for their country.

If we can harness this youth powerhouse of our community in the right direction then the Brahmarshi community can reach untold heights. All we need is to direct the energy of our youth in constructive channels that lead to development and progress. The creative potential of the younger generation coupled with their zeal, enthusiasm, energy and versatility can work wonders for the Brahmarshi community. We need to empower our youth so that they can make a better tomorrow.

The best and the first and foremost way to strengthen our youth are to provide them education. Not just any kind of education, but the right kind of education which makes them scientific, logical, open-minded, self respecting, responsible, honest and patriotic. Without these virtues being developed, our youth cannot walk in the desired way and they will remain in a deep slumber of complacency.

Unless harnessed and tapped in the right way, this very energy of the youth can tip over the other side and become destructive and dangerous for the society. If we look at the data, we realize that our youth is losing touch with a sense of right and wrong or good and bad. This is because, as a parent and community leader, we have failed in our duty of capturing their energy and molding it in the right direction. Due to increasing unemployment, we have been unable to keep our youth busy in constructive works. We fail to help them in realizing their dreams and hence they get lost and go in the wrong direction as the saying goes “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. We have failed poorly in this direction. The result is that nothing inspires our youth except shortcuts to making money, to achieve success and realizing their dreams. We have failed to give them the right kind of opportunities.

It is high time we prevent our youth from leaving the country or giving into violence and terrorism by providing them better options, by strengthening them, by empowering them.

Let us focus on constructively using the power of the youth for the betterment of the Brahmarshi community. Let us frame such policies which aim at empowering our youth so that we can be assured of a better future and a brighter tomorrow.

Brahmarshi Vikas Manch has constituated a "Brahmarshi Yuva Manch" wing to work for youth and their empowerment. Mr. Subodh Kumar is the convenor of this Manch for Jamshedpur district, and we are very glad to say that Mr. Kumar and his entire team is doing such a wonderful work in this field.